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Let Love Roam Free


I want to take you whole, 

Swallow you deep,

Like guilt, 

But I can't let go, 

Hooked by shame, 

Scared I will lose myself... 

But if I can fall, 

I will rise higher, 

New feelings give wings, 

To see new people, 

And people a new,


Inside me is a darkness, 

Barely ever trodden, 

Scattered with hidden boxes, 

Feelings and memories, 

Forced shut, pushed away, 

By years of subtle trauma, 

And voilent glances,

Inside each box, 

Is a part of myself, 

Ways in which I want to act, 

To be, to live, 

With myself, with others,


Restricted by man-ness, 

Constantly replicating denial, 

To ourselves, to others selves, 

Memories are like keys,

To be as we were, 

Before we forgot how, 

To love ourselves, 

And let others hold us, 

While we crumble, 

As we begin to let love roam free,

In whatever form it needs.

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